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It is the relentless inhumanity of this mechanism, and its malfunction that we should denounce. A father complained that his son has 200 lines to make. If he did not copy it will be 400 tomorrow. This is a simplistic arithmetic which guarantees the effectiveness of punishment.

Who would stall and that this father instead of the novice teacher who struggles with 45 children of the EC? And that will give practical advice to keep its indispensable discipline in a class which has been provided no opportunity for work except reading, writing … and cross your arms! These children are nervous and disobedient.

I understand, recognize the teacher, it is abnormal and antiphysiologique want to keep sitting for three hours, and claim them work besides. What to do when my students are distracted, they get impatient and make noise? … Give me a recipe other than the practice of punishment!

They must do their homework and study their lessons, all under the programs scheduled by signed inspectors of Primary manuals, aggregated and Academy inspectors. There is nowhere explains how we can, by human means non-coercive, require learning. We did not even say the Teachers, the advantage of resting fifteen minutes at recess. There is so much noise, answers to my homework
so many comings and goings hallucinating that our nerves are on end when we resume our classes.

So what do you advise not to come to these ends? These are the realities of every day, for which no one presents a lawful solution. So, we do as we can: we remember the practices and punishments we were inflicted in childhood, which we were told malfeasance at the Ecole Normale.

We see around us do. We do not have the choice ! It is true that some of our colleagues are sufficiently skilled and intuitive to face these difficulties. We, we, the great mass of educators who do not have this talent, but whose good will can go to sacrifice and we cry for help, believing that include the drama which we are victims and that answer our call.

Our mistake is to shut up our wrong to us all – we Modern School included – it is not dare to deliver us from the traditional shackles, to become one with him, as the executioner greenhouse screws to identify with the traditional school and its practices to make our own the justified criticism that could carry him. Our mistake is not making effective in our classrooms the principles of life that we value as men. • We, Modern School, are neither of another race or another quality that you all still traditional masters.

We have known your difficulties and dramas. We, too, we grappled with difficult children that we were unable to master, even we have put students picketed and sometimes given a copy if lines and verbs. We too had trouble with parents who were even more demanding that their children were more unbearable.

Only, we broke the fateful circle. For a long and difficult trial and error we discovered a new approach to school work, which builds on the creative and liberating forces of the child and who delivers us from this fact all the antiquated practices of authority and sanctions by encouraging a new climate of cooperation of friendly mutual aid, living labor and humanity. And we ourselves are regenerated.

We thus demonstrate that our situation is not hopeless; that we are not necessarily doomed to be, throughout our career, men prey to the children, but we too, at the end of dreary corridor, glimpse a little sun. And we shout our hope.

If all you can free yourself like we did, even though the lanes are different, that is when you are not fundamentally responsible for a situation that you are the victims and that the traditional school with its defects and dangers, it’s not that you maintain it but the combination of various elements against which we fight together – overcrowded classrooms. The slogan of 25 children per class we launched in Aix-en-Provence there eight years now resonates at all levels of the University.

Parents seize them. It will triumph. – school premises almost always unsuitable for our work, including large groups which we must repeat the misdeeds; – the technical distress classes where no work is possible, other than scholastic; – development of methods and adequate preparation of educators to new working techniques; – reconsideration of the programs and exams; – modernization of educators working conditions. „When a simple idea takes shape …” It is not we who do the trial of the traditional school.

It’s you who are going to undertake for your peace and dignity. We will help them by sharing administrators and school parent diseases that threaten children and that must urgently study the origin, evolution and effects.

We will provide proof, by our technical, that change is immediately possible if we want to, if we are able to promote, for the School of the people pedagogy culture and liberation. „When a simple idea takes shape, Peguy said, there is a revolution.” This school renovation is one of those simple ideas which will now shake the masters revive the parents, and offer the school a new performance which will ensure his victory. Defense School Youth To those who go on repeating that there is nothing to do against the scholastic fortress and must be content to act outside to shake, we will repeat here some of vehement statements of Mr.

Francois Walter, at the Court of Auditors, founder of Defense of school youth. „Certainly, we must work immediately on a comprehensive solution, including both long-term goals than short-term goals; only, in order to demand achievements, there must be demand for tomorrow, and there are that require longer timeframes. There have been men of great value that we ask their cooperation, we say „No”! and they accuse us of compromising, for short-term goals, achievements with longer maturities.

Well, this objection, I would like to wrong and incomprehensible even when it comes from men who worked in the direction we advocate. What we want is to go further in this direction, it is more disturbing inaction is expanding this breach in the wall of fatalism, of routine, because we believe that by this breach, then spend a lot. There is a dynamic of action. There are first steps necessary to follow the latter.

Some such refuse and say, „Nothing to do as classes will be too many.” It’s a tough response to the children of these classes who are the first to suffer from congestion and all the deplorable current conditions … relief for a part, it’s a matter of will, will of faculty, or elite faculty, on which everything depends … There is no prerequisite for the elimination of the dementia, there is no prerequisite for a return to common sense. ” • The lay defense is inconceivable in a context of psychological and educational failure, without perspective or horizon, with operating errors and technical failures that undermine the progress and life.

This is making our efficient and humane school, the courageous denunciation of the diseases we suffer; is providing our children the richness and joy in giving back to master a new taste for their priesthood we effectively defend our secular school, our school of the people. You will be the first beneficiaries. Author : Freinet Print

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