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In that system, players could post a Pokemon they wanted to trade online, and set the Pokemon they wanted in return. Players could search through these requests, resulting in trades that were always optimal for both sides. You could play through the game while waiting for a trade partner, making for seamless trading experience. Pokemon Sword and Shield’s online offerings, more than anything else, are what stop the games from living up to their potential. The online services in Pokemon Sword and Shield are the worst in any first-party Switch game, and that’s saying something.

Whether that’s enough to satisfy the potential of the game though we can’t say at the moment. I theorize they made the choice to remove GTS purely for selfish reasons. I’ve opined on the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast that having two download it versions of a Pokemon game was no longer relevant. The GTS made it easy to get whatever version-exclusive Pokemon you wanted hassle-free. Why buy both games when the experience is completely identical?

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By removing the GTS and replacing it with an objectively worse system, Game Freak has brought back the archaic and contrived purpose for having two games. Game Freak removed the Global Trading System that made trading for Pokemon you wanted simple.

Your “rival” Hop’s frustrated look every time you smoke his team will bring back memories of simpler times. That said, your trainer remains generally devoid of emotion.

It took me a while to appreciate it, but there are some tracks that rank among my favorites in the series. Anne theme, but Sonia’s theme and the Gym battle theme are excellent. While that’s kinda the point, it doesn’t make for a fun listen. Animations, both in battle and out, disappoint, though expressions have been improved and are more dynamic this time around.

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Pokemon X and Y’s Kalos region featured a brilliant take on France that gave the region a strong sense of identity. As I’ve said elsewhere, I think a big reason for this is the expectation among the fandom that a game-changer would come the moment the series moved to something with better technology. Even so, Pokemon Sword and Shield is not the worst Pokemon game I’ve ever played. In spite of my issues with the game being clunky in spots and maybe a bit too safe overall, it benefits greatly from the things it adds to the experience. Going forward, I want to see Game Freak get even more ambitious with the franchise’s overall structure.

Pokemon Sword and Shield take place in the Galar Region, a Pokemon-filled take on Great Britain. This isn’t the first time the quest to be the very best has brought players to Europe.

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