Therefore, its claws do not wear out naturally.

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Therefore, its claws do not wear out naturally.

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Daredevils like James Bond are popular with women. (Photo: Cine) We have suspected it for a long time, now two studies have proven it: Bad boys are particularly popular with women. Although self-love, bravado and lust for domination are socially outlawed, it is precisely these qualities that magically attract women. This is shown by a recent US study by New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. Men with corresponding character traits therefore have shorter, but significantly more relationships than the average man, reports the magazine "New Scientist".

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Negative qualities impress women

What woman has not run away in her fantasy with a wild macho who can grab the right place and is bursting with self-confidence? For the scientists, the prototype of the bad boy is James Bond: cold-blooded, self-loving and power-conscious. The study shows: at least in the short term, many women actually get involved with such a wild guy. The US researchers made their observations through personality tests, in which the character traits of 200 students were initially recorded. The testers then asked the test subjects about their sex life and the length of their relationships. The result: In fact, they could "bad boys" come up with more sexual partners than their tamer peers.

Unwanted in society, welcome in bed

The fact that the aggressive macho has not died out over the millennia is a phenomenon for scientists. Because with his anti-social behavior, the daredevil quickly sidelines himself in society. Nevertheless, the phenomenon can be observed across many cultures. A study by Bradley University in Illinois on 35,000 people from 57 countries showed that the bad boys not only had more sexual partners, but that they also often teased other men’s partners. So it’s really true: the bad boys get the best girls.

The bad boy book Mannual- This is how the man works

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Does stubbornness always win? (Photo: archive) According to a study, people who insist on their position are often professionally successful. It is based on an experiment in which scientists at the University of Pennsylvania examined the decision-making ability of 36 test subjects. In contrast, stubborn heads are less popular among friends and acquaintances. They show little willingness to compromise, are contentious and can take little criticism. But what about you? Do you also occasionally be sturdy or do you have the problem of being too flexible?

Arguing is not only good for the relationship, but also for your health. (Photo: archive) Arguing is healthy. Sometimes you just have to let off steam, that’s good and liberating. American scientists even believe that married people who swallow anger at their partner die earlier. You do a lot to prolong your life. A healthy diet, no cigarettes and preferably steer clear of alcohol. It would help to give your partner your opinion. Scientists working with Ernest Harburg from the University of Michigan observed 192 couples for 17 years. They came to the conclusion that a good argument is good for health. If the partners swallow their anger over unfair treatment, they have a significantly higher risk of dying early, according to the scientists in the journal "Journal of Family Communication" to report.

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"Amazing" Result

For the study, the couples were divided into four groups. In the first group, both partners addressed problems openly. In the second and third groups only one partner vented his anger. The fourth group consisted of couples in which both swallowed their resentment at the behavior of their partner that was experienced as unjust. "The comparison of the 26 couples who suppressed their anger with the other three groups is very astonishing" says the study director Ernest Harburg. In the first group with 26 couples 13 deaths occurred, in all other hot old asian women 166 couples there were only 41 deaths.

Don’t swallow anger and anger

"When two people find each other, the most important task is to learn to resolve conflicts" says Harburg. Very few couples are able "to settle a dispute sensibly". "Those who don’t let their anger go and make up for everything have a problem" so Harburg. And a health one. In 27 percent of the partnerships in which both swallowed their anger, one partner died during the study period, in 23 percent of this group even both. The situation was different for the remaining marriages: In six percent of the couples in the last three groups, both partners died.

Personal attack?

Factors such as smoking, obesity, increased blood pressure or lung or heart problems were taken into account in the evaluation and the data adjusted accordingly, according to Harburg. In addition, they only examined situations in which one partner really felt that he was being treated unfairly. "If people feel a personal attack is justified, the victim does not get angry" says Harburg.

Stress suppressed conflicts

The hypothesis that the researcher uses to explain the results is not a new one: suppressed conflicts act as stressors and can thus indirectly influence factors such as blood pressure, the immune system and the development of gastrointestinal diseases. How generalizable the results of the study actually are remains questionable. Harburg also admits that the number of cases examined is quite small. The scientists are therefore currently collecting data for a larger follow-up study, for which an observation period of thirty years is planned.

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Many people hardly behave any differently from their pets. And just as in every good family the tatters fly violently from time to time, the cage blessing sometimes hangs crooked in guinea pigs. Find out here how quarrels and aggression are expressed in guinea pigs, how they quarrel and when to intervene.

More about guinea pigs

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Dispute on the march

Guinea pigs are actually animals in need of harmony. But when it comes to a dispute, the main thing is to determine the hierarchy. If a guinea pig is combative, it wants one thing above all: to look big and make an impression. It wants to signal superiority. An aggressive guinea pig raises the hair on the neck and back. To do this, it puts its short legs very high and often makes a long, humming sound. Growling or chattering teeth can also be a warning signal, but mostly the animal expresses fear.

Climbing: Not always a sign of pleasure in guinea pigs

When one guinea pig mounts the other, many keepers see it as a mating behavior. That may or may not always be the reason. Sometimes males or females mount one another and thus determine the hierarchy in the guinea pig family. The more dominant guinea pig mounts the other and so makes him understand that it is inferior to him. A clear hierarchy is important for the coexistence of the pack, so you should not intervene in such fights.

Help with an argument

When guinea pigs argue, it is short and violent. The animals chase each other, pluck each other’s fur and even bite each other’s ears, for example. Most of the time, however, the bad mood is resolved as quickly as it came. During the dispute, humans should not intervene, at other times the animals will attack each other again anyway. In any case, you should examine the Meerlis after a violent fight and, if necessary, treat wounds or take the wounded animal to the doctor. If cage mates are constantly fighting, separate enclosures should be considered.

Is everything else correct?

If there are frequent and long-term arguments in the guinea pig cage, then something is wrong. When it comes to the composition of the pack, for example, one should only integrate one male from the start so that there is no rivalry for the females. When new animals come into the group, young animals are best, as they are more easily subordinate. Sometimes a cage that is too small can be to blame because the animals cannot avoid each other there. If you keep several animals in one cage, different houses and several floors can help. In addition, the guinea pigs must have enough exercise regularly, otherwise they are not busy and become aggressive more quickly. If you don’t know what to do with your contentious rodents, you should consult an expert, for example the veterinarian.

The guinea pig muddles happily in its clean, spacious cage. It has enough exercise and food. The little family member feels good because they don’t need more to live. Right? – Not correct! In order for the little rodent to remain happy, it must be well looked after and cared for. For those who want their guinea pigs to live long and healthy, we have put together the most important tips for keeping guinea pigs in a species-appropriate manner.

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A pedicure is a must

Even if the guinea pig has a nice home, it does not live in the wild. Therefore, its claws do not wear out naturally. "Under no circumstances should the claws become so long that they curl up" warns Martina Schnell from the animal welfare foundation "Four paws". Then walking becomes a torture for guinea pigs. If you want to spare your protégé, you should cut his claws regularly. This is best done with special pliers and scissors.

This is how claw care works in guinea pigs

For the pedicure you carefully lift the animal onto your lap and carefully take your paw between your fingers. You should be careful to always cut the claws at an angle and not to shorten them too much. "The first time it is best to have the vet show you" advises Martina Schnell. Tip: A flat stone, also a piece of wood or cork in front of the entrance of the guinea pig house will help that the claws wear off faster in the cage. This way, the unpleasant procedure can be delayed a bit.

A shining head of hair

There are many different breeds of guinea pigs, and their head of hair is just as diverse. In the case of short-haired animals, it is usually not necessary to take additional care of the fur. They brush themselves and thereby keep the fur clean.

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