Colonoscopy safer than stool

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Colonoscopy safer than stool

A doctor is only called in with the concept if there are complications.

There are already at least eight such delivery rooms in NRW. This is a particularly attractive working environment for midwives. „They can hardly save themselves from applicants,” says Blomeier. In regular delivery rooms, there is a midwife for every three or four women giving birth. „It is definitely an investment in good obstetric care.”

Setting priorities made easy: With the Eisenhower matrix, you can easily improve your time management and systematically organize and complete work according to its importance and urgency. Read here exactly how this works.

Memory training: tips for everyday life

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Improve time management and set priorities

The daily pressure of deadlines and important meetings at work and everyday stress can make time management difficult. Not everyone is always sure what is best to do next immediately and which tasks can still wait.

Setting priorities can therefore be exhausting and take up additional, unavailable time. The practical Eisenhower principle can be used as an aid so that time management can be organized more easily and, above all, faster in this regard.

Eisenhower matrix as a practical aid: This is how it works

The Eisenhower matrix is ​​a simple system with which you can arrange tasks according to importance and urgency and thus complete them in the best possible order. The basic principle consists of two questions that you should ask yourself: How urgent is a task in terms of time and how important is the task?

For better organization, the best thing to do is to draw a small diagram of the X and Y axes – the vertical Y axis shows the importance and the horizontal X axis the urgency of a task. You can then use the two criteria in enter the diagram. Important and urgent things are entered at the top right, only important ones at the top left, only urgent ones at the bottom right and neither important nor urgent tasks at the bottom left.

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After you have entered all the tasks accordingly, you can see at a glance how you need to set your priorities in order to optimize your time management. Tasks in the top right-hand corner are the first to be completed; tasks in the lower left quarter should first be completely crossed off your to-do list.

From the age of 55 men and women are asked to have a colonoscopy. However, out of fear, many decide against this measure and choose the stool test as an alternative. But this is often imprecise, especially in men, as a study by the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) shows.

Breast cancer – breast cancer diagnosis: the earlier the better

Breast cancer

Breast cancer diagnosis: the sooner the better

The surgical intervention is much less. to the video

Better not to rely on the stool test

Scientists at the DKFZ have found that men with a stool test without a result are more likely to be diagnosed with colon cancer than women with a positive test result. Professor Hermann Brenner and his team evaluated data from 200,000 colonoscopies of patients between 55 and 74 years of age. The research shows that colon cancer and its precursors occur around twice as often in men as in women.

The problem: During the test, the stool is examined for blood. However, many of the canker sores only bleed when they are well advanced and then not always permanently. Pre-cancerous stages are therefore rarely discovered with the test. „In order to increase the likelihood of detecting colon cancer with the help of the stool test, it would have to be carried out at least once a year,” says Brenner, the head of the study. „Many doctors and patients are not aware of this.”

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Stool test inaccurate especially in men

With the help of model calculations, the scientists also drew conclusions about the frequency of colon cancer in patients with a negative stool test. The result: Even men who tested negative have colon cancer more often than women with positive results. „This is due to the higher disease rate among men and the inaccuracy of the test,” explains Brenner. „Therefore it is contradicting that doctors treat men and women equally. If women are advised to have a colonoscopy after a positive stool test, it would be only logical to advise men to have a colonoscopy regardless of a stool test, because their risk of colon cancer is significantly higher „said Brenner.

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Colonoscopy safer than stool test

Based on the result, the scientists give a clear recommendation: One should not rely on the result of a stool test that has been carried out once. Most tumors and their preliminary stages can only be identified at an early stage with the help of a colonoscopy. According to the DKFZ, only a quarter of men over 55 years of age take advantage of this examination.

A critical look in the mirror can provide clues as to how high the risk is of developing heart disease. This is shown by a new study with 11,000 Danes. The researchers found out which features are to be assessed as particularly critical.

More about the heart

Online test: do you have a weak heart? Interactive graphic: This is how a heart attack occurs. Heart attack: These are the most important symptoms of a heart attack Click through: Seven rules for a healthy heart

Risk: looking older than you are

According to the study, those who look older than they are are at increased risk for heart disease. „Looking older than age is a sign of poor condition of the heart and blood vessels,” says study director Anne Tybjaerg-Hansen from the University of Copenhagen, who presented the study at a meeting of the American Heart Society in Los Angeles.

The more age characteristics, the higher the risk

11,000 Danes who were 40 years or older at the start of the study in 1976 were included. At that time, the researchers recorded the appearance of the test subjects, including age features such as wrinkles or crow’s feet. In the following 35 years, 3400 study participants developed heart disease, 1700 suffered a heart attack. Regardless of the age of the test persons, gender and family history, the higher the risk, the more age characteristics a person had.

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How dangerous is cholesterol really?

What you should know about your blood lipid levels. To the video

Bald head worse than wrinkles

This was especially true for the following signs of age: baldness on top of the head, receding hairline, wrinkles on the earlobes and yellow spots on the eyelid. The latter has been linked several times to high cholesterol levels – one of the main risks for cardiovascular diseases. The connection between hair loss in men and an increased risk of heart disease has also been proven once. Testosterone levels may play a role in this. As for the wrinkles on the earlobes, the researchers can only speculate. The researchers have one consolation ready: Wrinkles on the face and gray hair were not identified as risk factors.

It’s all about the face

Kathy Magliato, a heart specialist at St. John’s Heart Center in Santa Monica, California, said doctors need to be more careful about what sticks right in the face. „We’re so fixated on measuring blood pressure and listening to heartbeats that we overlook the very obvious risk factors,” she said.

Depression or olfactory disorders can be an early symptom of Parkinson’s. Aggressive dreams also indicate an increased risk – even 10 or 20 years before the onset of the incurable nervous disease. The German Society for Neurology and the German Parkinson Society (DPG) point this out.

„So far, however, there is neither a reliable criterion that shows with certainty that a person will develop Parkinson’s in the course of the next few years, nor drugs that can prevent the development,” says Professor Daniela Berg from the DPG. The course of the disease can be influenced, for example, with medication, brain training and exercise therapy.

Parkinson’s progresses slowly

The diagnosis of Parkinson’s is hitting more and more people: across Germany, around 150,000 to 200,000 people suffer from the incurable dysfunction of the nervous system. Parkinson’s is when the movements are slowed down, there is also tremor (tremor) at rest and muscle stiffness.

The disease, which is usually diagnosed around the age of 60, develops insidiously. During this process, nerve cells in the brain that produce dopamine are gradually destroyed. If the right amount of this neurotransmitter is missing, the movements of the muscles are affected. It is not yet known why these nerve cells are lost.

Typical symptoms: tremors and slow movements

During the disease, cells in the midbrain break down. You will then no longer produce dopamine, which the body normally uses to control movements. Numerous disorders, which intensify as the disease progresses, are the result. This can also include quiet and monotonous speech and slowing down of movements. Other symptoms include insomnia, constipation, and an impaired sense of smell. Patients often experience muscle tremors and have difficulty tying shoelaces and buttons. Very few die from the disease itself. Rather, it is secondary illnesses such as pneumonia that end fatally for those affected.

Medical context: Depression is often a harbinger of Parkinson’s Nervous Disease: What is Parkinson’s? Causes, Symptoms, Therapy Parkinson’s: Parkinson’s In a good mood with Markus Lanz: Ottfried Fischer jokes about his Parkinson’s disease

Take medication as early as possible

The only thing left after diagnosis is to accept the disease, stay physically and mentally active – and take medication as early as possible. Although these cannot stop the disease, they can significantly slow down the process.

Pain in the chest and left arm, shortness of breath and loss of consciousness: every second counts in a heart attack. But time and again serious mistakes are made that make it unnecessarily difficult to act quickly.

Heart attack – diagnosis of heart attack: When every second counts

Heart attack

Heart attack diagnosis: when every second counts

280,000 people across Germany are affected annually. to the video

Don’t wait for the symptoms to get better

The symptoms are often clear, but many hesitate to call the emergency services. Perhaps because it’s the weekend, you’re afraid of a false positive or think that the symptoms will definitely get better soon. But that can be life-threatening. Do not hesitate: call the emergency services on 112. Because a heart attack can lead to life-threatening ventricular fibrillation at any time without warning, warns the German Heart Foundation. Often those affected and their relatives would even wait up to three hours before acting.

Never end the emergency call

Even if fear and despair arise in you in an emergency: Try to remain calm. It is best to take a short, deep breath before you dial the emergency number. Concentrate on your counterpart. State clearly who you are, where you are and what you suspect. In no case do not hang up. This is how you prevent the person you are talking to asking further questions or giving you important instructions. Always let the operator end the call.

Clearly express the suspicion of a heart attack

Make it clear on the phone that you have a suspected heart attack. Otherwise you run the risk that only a normal ambulance comes, explains the German Heart Foundation. Because only the ambulance with an ambulance has a so-called defibrillator. With this, the doctor can treat life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias through targeted electrical surges.

The emergency medical service is not an emergency doctor

It is not uncommon for the medical emergency service or the on-call service to be confused with the emergency doctor with an ambulance, according to the German Heart Foundation. But this is only a service that replaces the family doctor on weekends or holidays. In addition, when the emergency service finally arrives, they have no choice but to call 112. Avoid this detour and dial 112 straight away.

Better not go to the chest pain unit yourself

So-called Chest Pain Units are facilities in clinics that specialize in patients with chest pain. They are open 24 hours. But be careful: The person concerned should not drive himself and it is better not to allow himself to be driven. „Compared to the ambulance, there is a risk of life-threatening ventricular fibrillation which can only be treated by the ambulance doctor,” warns the German Heart Foundation.

In addition, the person concerned and the helper are often too excited to concentrate on the traffic. In this way, bystanders are endangered. Red lights and traffic jams also cost valuable time.

Women have different symptoms than men

The male symptoms of a heart attack are well known: chest pain and left arm pain, difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, or tightness. In contrast, a heart attack often makes itself felt very differently in women. They often complain of dizziness, abdominal pain, and nausea. These can be signs of a heart attack, especially in younger women.

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